James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Car
This is another car in my James Bond collection.  This car appeared in the 1977 Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me" with Roger
Moore.  The car was nicknamed "Wet Nellie" in reference to the Autogyro "Little Nellie" (my model of that is located
here).  Fujimi
released a kit in early 2016 of the submarine car, based on their Lotus Esprit model car kit.

You can deviate from the instructions and attach the white coloured parts to the body first.  This makes it much easier to paint and
simplifies final assembly.  Since you really can't see the interior, I did not paint it, but left it in the light gray plastic it was molded in.  
The only tricky part was masking the black side bumper pad, there was not a really good definition between that and the body.

Base Kit(s):   1/24 scale Fujimi Lotus Esprit James Bond Submarine Car (kit number 09192)

Finished:        August 2016

- body parts were all attached (except for bottom panel), prior to painting
- added three styrene rods to bottom to display model
- paint is Tamiya Pure White lacquer, no clear coat or polishing, Tamiya semi-gloss acrylic for the black areas

Ajax 36, Ajax, ON, Oct 2016 - 2nd place Miscellaneous Automobile

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