Click on either the image or the title to see more pictures and information about each model.  All models
are 1:72 scale unless noted in the description. They are listed with the most recently finished model
usually at the top of the list.

Star Wars


Science Fiction (Plus Others) Model Gallery
Star Wars Naboo Starfighter
Star Wars Royal Guard
TIE Interceptor
Millenium Falcon (1:144 scale)
Star Wars TIE Predator
Star Wars TIE Fighter
Extended Body
Star Wars TIE Interceptor
X-Wing - Luke
Skywalker's Red 5
TIE Fighter - Battle
TIE X1 - Darth Vader's
ship (75% scratchbuilt)
TIE Fighters
R2-D2 droid (1:12 scale)
TIE Striker
Global Flyer
Silver Dart (1:24 scale)
deHavilland Beaver
James Bond 'Little Nellie"
Autogyro (1:24 scale)
Sopwith Triplane (1:48
F4 Phantom Jet
Indian Canoe (1:12 scale)