Cherry 'T' street rod
The 2018 Toronto Model Car Contest has a theme of '"T's and A's", as in Ford Model T and Ford Model A based models.  I have
always loved the look of short wheelbase Model 'T' street rods.  This model was based on a re-issue of the original Monogram
Little 'T', which came out in the 1964 (according to Scalemates website).  There was extensive detailing done on the model, which
is described in the build article. I was very pleased when the model took the theme award at the show.

Cherry 'T' Street Rod Build Article (2 MB PDF)

Base Kit(s):   Monogram Early Iron Series Street "T" (kit number 2200)

Finished:        September 2018

- shortened frame and added mounts for gas tank
- mufflers from Meyers Manx
- parts box drive shaft
- RB Motion rod ends for all suspension and steering connections
- aftermarket gauges
- turned aluminum pulleys and rubber belt
- RB Motion Weber intake trumpets
- RB Motion spark plugs and boots
- Meng bolt head details
- brake, fuel and spark plug wiring
- lenses replaced with MV lenses (side lanterns) and craft store jewellry (rear tail lights)
- Molotow chrome 'paint' was airbrushed on suspension, exhaust pipes and gas tank
- body paint is Tamiya Mica Red, Transparent Red and clear

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