Star Wars X-Wing - Luke Skwalker's Red 5
Ever since the original Star Wars movie came out, I've wanted to build an accurate model of Luke Skywalker's X-WIng.  I'm quite
pleased with the model, especially given the fact that two weeks before the model show in Ajax, I decided to build for the Special
Theme Award, which I was fortunate enough to win.  

Base Kit(s):        1/72 scale Fine Molds X-Wing

Finished:            October 2004

Modifications/Additions (see bottom):
Repair arm to R2-D2

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Ajax XXIV model show, October 2004, 2nd place, space vehicle category
                                                    Special Theme Award - Best TV or Movie-based Space Vehicle
WellCOME 9 model contest, Guelph, Ontario, March 2005, 2nd place Sci-fi vehicle
BUFFCON 22 model contest, Buffalo, NY, April 2005, 2nd place space science fiction

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Other Build Notes:

Using photos of a similar X-Wing in the reference section of Starship Modeler and the new DVD version of the movie, I built the X-Wing as close as I
could to what appeared in the movie.  However, there are inconsistencies in the movie that I noted.  In particular, when Luke climbs into his X-Wing in
preparation for the attack, his ship has a solid red stripe down the left hand side.  When he begins to do battle against the Empire, the stripe had
mysteriously split into three pieces!  The right side of the ship is not seen in the battle sequences.  

Luke’s robot droid, R2-D2, was called upon in the battle sequences to fix a stabilizer on the ship.  A piece of small diameter wire was added to show
R2 fixing a portion of the X-Wing engine.  The only other deviation was to build the targeting viewer behind Luke as he deactivated the computer while
he relied on the Force.  The X-Wing was painted with Polly Scale flat water based Lettering White paint using my airbrush.  Detailed brush painting of
specific panels was done using similar water based paints and masking the areas.  

Before the decals were applied, I dabbed on some Future Floor wax where the decals were to go and let it dry.  This is a trick used by military modelers
to eliminate ‘silvering’ of decals when applied to a flat finish surface.  I used the decals supplied in the Fine Molds kit, with some minor variations, to
decorate the ship using Micro Sol, followed by a coat of Testors Model Master Acryl 4636 flat clear to get the dull finish I wanted. The weathering was
done with a combination of an enamel wash and various pastels.  The vinyl masking kit, available through Starship Modeler, was used to paint the

The Fine Molds kit is probably the easiest model I have ever built.  The detail is fantastic, the fit is excellent and except for the usual seams (especially
on the leading edge of the wings), the kit was assembled in just a couple of evenings.
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