Harley-Davidson WLC
During WWII, the Harley-Davidson company was engaged to build motorcycles for the Allied forces.  The bikes were essentially a
flathead Harley V-twin engine with frames and suspension modified for combat conditions.  For US forces, these motorcycles were
designated as WLA and the ones used by the Canadian forces were designated WLC.  

The WLA and WLC motorcycles were essentially the Harley-Davidson street versions converted to military use.  The engines were
V-twin flatheads (side valves) that displaced 740 cc (45 cubic inches) and the civilian model was commonly called the WL45.  The
engine was mated with 3 speed transmission and put out a whopping 23 HP.  The sides of the fenders were removed to prevent
mud from building up and they came with a rugged rear luggage rack and options such as a passenger seat, leg protectors,
windshield, skidplate and rifle mount.

There were a number of significant differences between the WLA and WLC models as they came off the assembly line.  In
addition, design elements changed during the production run of about 70,000 motorcycles and of course, modifications were made
in the field.  

This model was a conversion of a WLA into a Canadian WLC version.

Base Kit(s):   MiniArt U.S. Military Police (kit number 35085), two motorcycle models and two figures

Finished:        March 2012

Kit parts not used
- windshield
- brackets on both sides of front wheel
- equipment box on left side of front wheel and rifle holder on right side
- saddlebags
- taillights
- one headlight
- skid plate under engine

WLC specific parts that were added
- smaller taillights, scratchbuilt, styrene strip and aluminum rod inside thin walled brass tubing
- front bike stand (from second kit)
- equipment box on front fender, scratchbuilt
- shroud and location of headlight, modified
- front fender mounted light, scratchbuilt
- windshield brackets removed

Additiional details
- front brake arm and cable
- clutch cable
- oil line
- speedometer cable
- additional rear fender supports

Paint is Alclad aluminum and Tamiya Olive Drab, flat black and Nato black

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Some construction photos and description photos of additional details
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