T'rrific Street Rod
I've always liked the look of a short-framed, Model 'T' based street rod.  This model is based on an old Monogram 'Dragon
Wagon', designed by Tom Daniels, that I picked up, already built, at a swap meet sometime in the 1980's.  I built it once and then
took it apart, repainted and rebuilt it.  You can find more about the original kit from 1970 at
Tom Daniel's website

The model is also featured at Dave's Show Rod Gallery, listed under T'rrific (kitbash)

Base Kit(s):       Monogram 1/24 scale Dragon Wagon
                   Monogram 1/24 scale Little 'T'

Finished:               February 2004

Frame shortened to remove rear cage
Little 'T' suspension used in both front and rear
Front suspension modified to allow poseable wheels
Little 'T' engine (I think) with various pieces from my spare parts collection
Wheels and tires came from an unknown kit
Scratchbuilt U-joints, exhaust pipe and muffler and rear shocks
Brake, fuel and electrical wiring
Testors yellow spray paint, shot through my air brush
Added 'TRRIFIC' Ontario license plate

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depending on your connection speed.