1955 Triumph TR2 Le Mans race car
In 1955, Triumph fielded 3 cars at Le Mans.  Car number 28 placed 14th overall, driven by Bob Dickson and Ninian Sanderson.  
The race was marred by the biggest disaster in motor racing history, with 84 people killed in a horrific crash and resulting fire.

I ran into problems with paint on this model:
- I wanted to paint the number roundels so I spot airbrushed Zero Paints pure white directly on the body and it MELTED the
plastic.  Some careful sanding and I was able to get most of the wrinkles out. Will know better next time to prime before any Zero
Paints are used.
- The roundels had a few ragged edges after the masking tape was removed.  Luckily, the mask template was slightly undersized
compared to the roundels.  I simply used the decals and cleaned up most of the edges.
- My technique of doing 3 colour coats, following by 3 clear coats, each coat about 20 minutes apart, appeared to have some
unanticipated side effects.  The clear seemed to dissolve the colour coat around all the sharp edges, primarily the body panel
lines.  I contemplated leaving it, stripping the whole body and start again or mix us some dark green and gloss black and do
touch-ups.  I chose the latter and you can definitely see it in the panel lines.  I will have to modify my painting technique in the case
of bodies with dark colours and many sharp edges

I used some stretchy masking tape used for real car bodies to mask off the yellow nose.  

The wood grained steering wheel really worked out well, here's the technique:
- desert yellow, let dry overnight
- red brown applied with a very bad brush so that the paint can be scrapped off a little, leaving the yellow to be seen, let dry
- clear orange, blends the colours together a bit and gives the gloss finish

Base Kit(s):   1/24 scale Gunze Sanygo Triumph TR2 (kit number G-189:2000)

Finished:        July 2015

- grill replaced with fiberglass window screen, painted silver
- aftermarket wire spoked wheels
- brake discs machined from aluminum, calipers from sheet styrene
- polished metal exhaust pipe
- aftermarket toggle switches and chrome rings for instrument panel
- stainless steel rivet heads cockpit, for tonneau cover
- Tamiya British racing green and clear

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