Toyota 88C Minolta - 1988 Le Mans
I built this car for our club's 2008 LeMans 24 hour build. The car placed 12th overall in the race, driven by Geoff Lees of Great
Britain and Masanori Sekiya and Kazuyoshi Hoshino from Japan.

I took the full 24 hours to complete the model and was very pleased with the result.  I used the Hasegawa photoetch set, although I
took off some of the interior radiator grills because you can't really see them.  I decided to mask and paint the blue scheme instead
of trying the get the dozens of decals to line up and lay down smoothly.  I made up a custom mix of mostly Tamiya acrylic blues to
get a blue colour close to the blue of the Minolta logo.

Base Kit(s):   Hasegawa Toyota 88C (kit number 20236)     

Finished:        June 2008

- Hasegawa photoetch radiator screens, tow rings, brake discs, windshield wiper and rear wing end plates
- Scale Motorsports photoetch seat belt
- Alclad aluminum and steel used on mechanical parts, Tamiya semi-gloss acrylic black airbrushed on other parts
- body paint is Krylon Fusion white for body, straight from the can, blue was a mix of Tamiya acrylic blues, using an airbrush

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