Tomahawk Concept Motorcyle (1:18 scale)
The Guelph Plastic Modellers Group had a theme build for the WellCoME 10 model contest in March 2006.  Being our 10th
anniversay, the Automobile theme was any vehicle with 10 cylinders.  As a member of the club, I could not enter the competition.  
However, I could enter a 'display' model and I wanted to do something for the theme.  The only motorcycle related subject that I
knew of that had 10 cylinders was a wild concept bike built by Chrysler in the late 1990's that used a Viper V-10 engine.

There was no model kit of the bike every made, however, Maisto made a 1:18 scale diecast.  The diecast model was
disassembled, seams sanded down, details added, repainted and re-assembled.

Base Kit(s):   Maisto 1:18 scale Tomahawk diecast     

Finished:        Februrary 2006

- diecast was disassembled, seams sanded, repainted and re-assembled
- rear swing arm openings were cleaned up
- additional details inclde:
- rear brake lever arms and linkages made of aluminum rod and sheet
- brake lines added to front brakes
- spark plug wires
- textured seat
- hex rod used to make swing arm and wheel bolts
- headlights replaced with M.V. Products items (model train item)
- paint is Alclad chrome (swing arms, brake disks and engine covers) and Alclad Aluminum (body) over Alclad black base

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 800 x 600 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.