Star Wars TIE Fighters
In addition to the X-WIng, I have two TIE Fighters.

Base Kit(s):        1/72 scale Fine Molds TIE Fighter

Finished:            March 2005

Paint was as per intructions, using Tamiya equivalents for smaller parts.
For the main pod, Tamiya XF-66 Light Gray was thinned and shot through an airbrush.  This seemed to have the right amount of 'blueness' to it and
contrasts nicely with the lighter X-Wing.
The solar panels are Tamiya X-18 semi-gloss black straight from the can, it seems to be glossier than thinning the bottle paint.
The markings were as per instructions, giving two different variations.
Black enamel wash was added to bring out the details.

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BUFFCON 22 model contest, Buffalo, NY, April 2005, 3rd place space science fiction

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