Soap Box Derby Racer
I thought it would be cool to build a soap box derby racer in 1/12 scale.  It started out as a simple build and the more research I
did, the more complicated it became (sound familar?).  There is a group in the US, the
AASBD (All American Soap Box Derby) that
sets the rules for building and running soap box races.  There are three categories:
    - the Stock division is designed to give the first-time builder a learning experience. Boys and girls, 8 through 13 compete in
    simplified cars built from kits purchased from All-American. These kits assist the Derby novice by providing a step-by-step
    layout for construction of a basic lean forward style car.
    - the Super Stock Car division, ages 10 through 17, gives the competitor an opportunity to expand their knowledge and build
    a more advanced model. Both of these beginner levels make use of kits and shells available from All-American.
    - the Masters division offers boys and girls, 10 through 17, an advanced class of racer to try their creativity and design skills
    in. Masters entrants may purchase a Scottie Masters Kit with a fiberglass body from the All-American Soap Box Derby.

This model is based on the Stock division rules and instructions available from the AASBD.  I originally intended this to be a
'curbside' version with no interior detail.  However, once I realized how empty the inside looked, I added the steering, brakes and
weights to the interior.  I took some liberty on the rules regarding a couple of technical details and decoration (I added a few logos
where they aren't supposed to be).

I saw a photo of a Home Depot sponsored racer and thought I would "Canadianize" mine with Canadian Tire logos instead.

Base Kit(s):   Scratchbuilt using AASBD plans for Stock category     

Finished:        September 2008

- floor board scratchbuilt of basswood
- body scratchbuilt of thick sheet styrene for the top and 0.5 mm (0.020") thin sheet styrene for the sides.
- camera lens cleaning tissues added to inside body to simulate fiberglass
- scratchbuilt axles, steering wheel, pulleys and weights, mostly from styrene
- nut and bolt details from Scale Hardware
- tires are plumbing O rings
- wheels turned on metal lathe
- custom made decals on colour laser printer
- paint is Tamiya pure white, followed by Hiroboy two part clear, polished and waxed

Megacity 2008, Toronto, ON, Sept 2008, 1st place Miscellaneous
London Model Show, London, ON Oct 2008, 3rd place Catch-22
Kingston Modelrama, Kingston, ON Apr 2009, 2nd place Miscellaneous
2009 IPMS Nationals, Columbus, OH August 22, 2009, 2nd place Large Scale automobiles
IPMS Livonia Can-Am Challenge, Livonia, MI October 1, 2016 - 3rd place Auto Scratchbuild and Major Conversion

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