Reynard 89D Formula 3000 race car
Hasegawa did a series of 1:24 scale open wheel race cars in the early 1990's.  This one was chosen to help use up the can of
pink Tamiya paint that I was given.

The kit is pretty much out of the box.  I used the decal sheet to mask off the primer white areas and airbrushed the pink areas,
followed by 3 coats of clear.  The thin gray stripe was carefully cut from the decal sheet.  Hasegawa decals tend to turn yellow over
time.  I replaced the Japanese character decals with one from a Studio27 decal sheet meant for a Le Mans Porsche 956 from
around the same time period.

Base Kit(s):   1/24 scale Hasegawa Italya Reynard 89D (kit number 23003)

Finished:        July 2015

- side plates on front wing replaced with 0.25 mm (0.010") sheet styrene
- Tamiya white primer and Tamiya pink lacquer

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