Porcshe 959 Cabriolet
In response to a 'Chopped' theme at the 2008 Modelrama contest put on by the Kingston Scale Auto Club, I decided to take a
Porsche 959 kit and turn it into a convertible.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and I didn't travel to the show.  However, Torcan
2008 had an '8' theme, and these cars were only built between 1986 and 1989, even though a Cabriolet model was never offered
as a factory option.

The model was built pretty much out of the box.  The engine is really terrific and it's such a shame that you can't see any of it once
the model is built.  One of the tedious parts of this kit is that the rear spoiler needs a lot of work to ensure that the seam is
completely removed.  The rear speaker covers are rectangular headlight covers from Detail Master.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Porsche 959 (kit number 24065)     

Finished:        May 2008

- removed top and added convertible top cover using sheet styrene
- bare metal foil behind head and tail lights and turn signals
- interior is painted a custom mixture of acrylic brown and flesh colours, with brown pastels rubbed into recesses.
- paint is custom acrylic blue laquer from Bob's Paints, followed by four coats of Testors lacquer clear coat, polished and waxed

Megacity Madness, Toronto, ON, Sep 2008, 1st place Import/Tuner
London Model Show, London, ON Oct 2008, Honourable Mention Import/Tuner
Ajax XXVIII Model Show, Ajax, ON Oct 2008, 3rd place Street Bease & Import Tuner

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