Porsche 936 LeMans 1978
This car was built as part of the GPMG 24 hour LeMans build in 2006.  The car placed second in the 1978 LeMans race (after the
Renault A224B) and Tamiya produced a motorized, curbside kit of the car shortly after.  The car was straightforward to assemble
and some extra detail was added during the 24 hour build period.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/24 scale Martini Porsche 936 78 Turbo (kit number 24012)

Finished:        June 16, 2006

Scoop above driver opened up with rotary tool
Poseable steering added
Antenna added to left of driver in cockpit
Molded in rear NACA ducts removed and replaced with brass wire mesh, painted silver
Paint is Tamiya Pure White from a spray can, with the blue details done in Tamiya acrylic blue
Weathering done using black and brown acrylic paint and black pastels

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depending on your connection speed.  

                                                                                                                                                   Photo of actual car