Plymouth Prowler
This model kit was given to me by my oldest son as a Christmas present in 2002, just when I started getting back into model
making after about a 20 year hiatus.  I decided to build it as an 'out of the box' (OOTB) kit, to help hone my rusty skills,  It was the
first kit in which I sanded, polished and waxed the body.  The result turned out pretty good and I tried to capture the smooth paint
in the detail picture of the hood.

Base Kit(s):   Revell 1/25 scale '97 Plymouth Prowler

Finished:        March 2004

Glued headlight pieces to body before it said in the instructions, to avoid a seam.
Ground out behind grill to allow view through grill.

Ajax XXIV model show, October 2004, 3rd place out of the box non-competition

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depending on your connection speed.   
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