Old Aerotech concept car
This model is the strart of a collection of concept cars.  Around 1987 Oldsmobile wanted to showcase their 4 cylinder engine,
called the Quad 4.  They made 3 versions of the Olds Aerotech cars, which were basically March IndyCars, with turbocharged
Oldsmobile engines and surrounded by an aerodynamic body:
- one was a short tail version, which was driven by A.J. Foyt to a number of speed records
- the other was a long tail version, also driven by A.J. Foyt to numerous speed records
- the third was the original long tail version, outfitted with an Oldsmobile Aurora V8 engine, higher scoop above the cockpit and
headlights.  In 1992, this car broke a number of endurance records.
More information about the cars can be found at

When I first mentioned that I was building this model, two other modellers said they would build a version of the car and have it
completed by the end of December 2015.

Dave W decided to narrow the body and turn it into salt flat racing car, called the
Saline Solution 2.  (Click link to see photos)
Roy was to do a long tail version.

My short tail version is what you see here.  It was built out of the box (yes, the spark plug wires were part of the kit).  The trickiest
things with these kits is to get the inlet and outlet ramps to the radiator/intercoolers nice and smooth.  There were four separate
pieces, which required some putty and lots of sanding to get them looking right.  Other than that, the kit goes together quite nicely.
You could add a lot of detail to the engine and chassis if you wanted to, although there aren't a lot of detail photos to be found
online for any of the cars.  I only left the small engine cover removable as I didn't want to spend the time on all the detailing.  I
misplaced the turbo inlet piece.  It will eventually turn up and I will attach it.

Base Kit(s):   1/24 scale Monogram Old Aerotech (kit number 23003)

Finished:        November 2015

- Scalemotorsports photoetched Dzus fasteners on engine cover
- Tamiya white primer, Mica Silver, Mica Silver and Gun Metal mixture for the lower body.  Clearcoated but not polished out.

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 1024 x 768 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.  
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