Mustang Mach III Concept Car
I originally thought I would paint this car an off white, although this was not consistent with the original show car, which was red.  
Since the kit was molded in red, I needed to seal the plastic so the red would not bleed through over time.  I read about using silver
paint as a barrier is such a situation.  Over one coat of white primer I airbrushed Tamiya Gloss Aluminum and it looked quite nice.  
This paint seems to have a bit of 'grain' to it, even using an airbrush.  After practicing on some spare parts, I covered the silver
with White Pearl, which smoothed out the 'grain' of the silver, lightened the colour and gave a kind of ghost white effect.  Three
coats of clear were followed by a minor polishing.

The rest of the model was built pretty much out of the box, with the notable exception of lowering the ride height, especially in the

Base Kit(s):   Revell Mustang Mach III Concept Car (kit number 7364)

Finished:        Oct 2011

- spark plug wires and looms
- cut out dashboard openings and added cut up Detail Master street rod gauges
- ScaleMotorsports seat belt set
- Paint is Tamiya gloss aluminum, white pearl and clear on body, decanted and airbrushed; light and lark grey ghost Testors acryl
for interior

Ajax XXXI, Ajax, ON October 2011, 2nd place Street Beast

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