Mustang II Concept Car
Just before the original Mustang was available as dealerships, Ford unveiled a concept version called the Mustang II.  I wanted to
have a companion to the Mustang Mach III concept car and this seemed to be the one.  This Lindberg kit is a recently reissued
version of the original IMC kit.  The doors and hood were designed to open but I glued them shut to give the final model a bit of
structural strength.  Except for drilling out the dash to accept gauges, the car was built pretty much out of the box.

Base Kit(s):   Lindberg Mustang II Concept Car (kit number )

Finished:        Feb 2013

- cut out dashboard openings and added cut up Detail Master street rod gauges
- flocked the interior floor
- Bare Metal Foil on various interior fittings
- interior paint is Tamiya racing white and Testors Boyd Pacific Blue (a close match for the colour of the stripe decal), followed by a
flat/semi-gloss clear
- the stripe decal was cut up in pieces for the section between the rear seats
- Body paint is Tamiya racing white, white pearl and clear on body, decanted and airbrushed

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 1024 x 768 and maybe a bit slow to load, depending on
your connection speed.  

Drilled out dashboard
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