2006 Mustang 'Bullitt' version
Based on a Sketch Pad on Model Cars magazine, I thought I would do a Bullitt version of the Revell Mustang (from the classic
movie with Steve McQueen).  Ford actually produces a Bullitt version that is pretty close to what I did.  The paint is not near dark
enough for a true Bullitt version, but I just didn't want to strip and redo it.  The car is a curbside, with no engine and minimal
chassis detail.

Just as I was completing the model, Revell announced that they would be releasing a 2007 Bullitt Mustang and re-releasing the
original 1968 version that appeared in the movie - ah well.

Base Kit(s):   Revell '06 Mustang (kit number 85-2839)

Finished:        September 2008

- replaced clear rear side window with louvered scoops from eBay resin caster
- custom printed license plate (same plate number as the original movie Mustang)
- added bare metal foil behind all running lights and on some dashboard details
- replaced grill with photoetch screen, silver card behind the grill to simulate radiator
- wheels are from Pegasus, with tires from the kit
- paint is Testors Fathom Green Metallic (28120) followed by three coats of Testors clear, out of the can, polished and waxed

Megacity Madness, Toronto, ON, Sep 2008, 1st place Curbside/Slammer
London Model Show, London, ON Oct 2008, 1st place Curbside/Slammer
Ajax XXVIII Model Show, Ajax, ON Oct 2008, 2nd place Domestic Stock

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