2006 Mustang 'Boss 302'
I really liked the look of the new Mustang and saw some photos on the internet of a Parnelli Jones version.  It resembled the old
1970's Boss 302.  I made most of the modifications to get the bodywork close to this version, but did not put the engine in or polish
all of the body after painting (just the horizontal surfaces). With all the noise about 're-born' muscle cars (Chargers, Camaros, etc.)
I thought it would be appropriate to have a license plate for the Mustang say "NEVR DIED"

I found Keith Marks through eBay and he makes decals for all kinds of muscle cars.  You can see pictures at
http://public.fotki.com/mofobow/ and his eBay username is kmarks999.

Base Kit(s):   Revell '06 Mustang     

Finished:        November 2007

- resculptured front lower bumper opening
- added two holes in lower front bumper
- scratchbuilt front spoiler from 2 mm (0.080") thick styrene sheet
- added headlight 'grills' painted body colour
- lowered both front and rear suspensions about 2 mm
- filled in license plate indent in lower rear bumper and indented area above bumper
- cleaned out holes for rear side runing lights, added clear red lights filed down from sprue
- replaced clear rear side window with scoop like bodymolding
- hood pins from Detail Master photoetch
- custom printed license plate
- added bare metal foil behind all running lights
- wheels are Fujimi Sportec Mono 10, with tires
- middle of seat panels painted with body paint and then semi gloss clear
- paint is Tamiya Camel Yellow followed by two coats of clear, out of the can
- black is Tamiya semi-gloss through an airbrush
- decals are 1970 Mustand Boss 302 from Keith Marks

BUFFCON 25, Buffalo, NY Apr 2008, 2nd place mild custom automobiles
Megacity Madness, Toronto, ON, Sep 2008, 2ndt place Curbside/Slammer
London Model Show, London, ON Oct 2008, 2nd place Curbside/Slammer

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