Star Wars Millenium Falcon 1:144 scale
I always liked the Millenium Falcon from the original Star Wars movies.  I thought about getting the 1:72 scale Fine Molds version
but the cost and time involved were both a little too much.  When the 1:144 scale version was released, I decided to try my hand at
that version.

It turned out to be a very straight forward build because there were only about 40 pieces, compared to the 1:72 version which has
approximately 1000 pieces.  I left off the landing gear, so it really was only about 20 pieces.  The bulk of the time was spent in
painting and weathering.  Two really nice additions to the kit are:
- the photoetched grills and resin blade for the vents at the back
- the vinyl masking set for the cockpit and guns

I bought the kit and the aftermarket grills and masking set all from
Starship Modeller.

There were no figures with the model, but the cockpit can be removed so that I could add them later.

Base Kit(s):        1/144 scale Fine Molds Millenium Falcon

Finished:            November 2011

- photoetched and resin grill set
- Testors acrylic 4765 (FS36495) Light Gray was thinned and shot through an airbrush.  
- Vallejo 70818 Red Leather and 70986 Deck Tan were brush painted on various panels
- a coat of Testors acrylic clear gloss
- black wash of artists oil black and Humbrol enamel thinner
- pastel orange, light gray and black for weathering
- a coat of Testors acrylic clear flat

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depending on your connection speed.
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