Meyers Manx
The Meyers Manx has always been one of my favourite cars and I was so happy that Round2/AMT re-released the kit in 2011.
This model was built for the 40th anniversary theme at the 2016 Livonia Can/Am Challenge model contest.  The challenge was to
build a model that was available in 1976.  It could be an original release, or a re-release that was essentially unchanged.

I thought that I would try to do 'ghost flames' on the front hood, but didn't really pull it off..

Base Kit(s):   AMT Meyers Manx  (kit number 651)

Finished:        August 2016

- aftermarket gauge decals that don't really fit
- blue flocking on floor
- interior paint is Tamiya blue and white acrylic, followed by Testor's acrylic flat
- paint is Tamiya metallic blue, followed by transparent blue and 5 coats of clear

Toronto Model Car Show, Toronto, ON, Sept 2016 - 3rd place Street Machines
IPMS Livonia Can-Am Challenge, Livonia, MI October 1, 2016 - 3rd place Street Machines, OOB award of merit

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Evan Jones Car Models
Finished Model
Painting 'ghost flames'