1955 Mercedes SLR300 "722"
In 1955, Stirling Moss, along with navigator Denis Jenkinson, won the Mille Miglia (1000 mile) race at a speed just under 100 mph.
The race was held on public roads in Italy, and top speeds were up to 170 mph.  It has been called one of the greatest feats in
automobile racing.  The "722" refers to the starting time for this car, 7:22 am on the morning of April 30, 1955.

Revell did a model of the winning car, sometime in the 1960's (maybe?).  A friend of mine met Sir Stirling Moss and they talked
about the model kit. Moss looked him straight in the eye and said 'Whatever you do, don't build the model with the four spoke
steering wheel that came in the kit - the real car had a three spoke steering wheel".  The kit was built as a curbside and the one
mistake I made was adding the chrome trim pieces in the body cutouts - the race car did not have these.  The decals in this kit are
some of the stiffest I've every encountered.

Base Kit(s):   1/24 scale Monogram SLR300 "722" (kit number 2972)     

Finished:        April 2015

- built as a curbside
- metal screen from coffee filter used for air intake in hood
- chrome Mercedes badges
- modified steering wheel to correct three spoke version
- aftermarket wire spoked wheels
- polished metal exhaust pipes
- photoetch screw heads around windscreen and headrests
- Tamiya Gloss Aluminum and clear

Kingston Modelrama, Kingston, ON Apr 2015, 3rd place Competition - Road

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