Mclaren M23 (Gilles Villeneuve 1977 British Grand Prix)
I had built this model back in the late 1970's when the kit was originally released by Tamiya.  Four things happened that lead me to
disassemble and re-build the model:
- Tamiya re-issued the kit with a photoetch set, which you could get separately
- Acu Stion released a number of detail sets
- I had some leftover Zero Paints McLaren fluorescent orange paint that I needed to use up
- MSM Creations (and others) produced decal sets with markings for various cars

I decided to do the version that Gilles Villeneuve drove in his first Formula One race at the 1977 British Grand Prix.  A few pieces
were damaged during the disassembly, but nothing too serious

Base Kit(s):   1/20 scale Tamiya McLaren M23 (kit number 20062)

Finished:        Jun 2016

- Tamiya detail set - photoetch wing end plates, radiator faces, seat belts, brake rotors, Dzus fasteners
- Acu Stion detail sets - rear shocks (which need to be extended), intake trumpets, vacuform windscreen, tire valves
- ground effects skirts from aluminum duct tape and styrene sheet
- MSM decals
- Zero paints: white and McLaren orange, Alclad for metallic parts

Toronto Model Car Show, Toronto, ON, Sept 2016 - 2nd place Competition Open Wheel
Ajax 36, Ajax, ON, Oct 2016 - 3rd place Large Scale Automobile

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