'Mad Max' Chopper
This model is inspired by the work of Russell Mitchell of Exile Motorcycles.  I've always like his style of design - very uncluttered
and clean.  One of the standard bikes that is offered is called the Mad Max.  This model comes pretty close to capturing the look of
that bike.  Improvements would be to make beef up the size of the air cleaner and make the exhaust pipes bigger in diameter and
route differently.

Base Kit(s):        Revell 'Crusader' Chopper (kit number 7314)

Completed:        January 2010

- Modified rear frame to straighter tubes
- Shortened front forks and down tubes
- Fender made from grafting two rear fenders together
- Gas tank is a superb resin cast item from Replicas and Miniatures
- Added backs are moved mounting positions of both brake calipers
- Scratchbuilt footpegs, brake and clutch pedals
- Tuner Model Manufactory fittings on front brake lines
- Added brake and clutch lines, throttle cables and spark plug wires
- Air cleaner from Replicas and Miniatures
- All chrome was stripped and painted with Alclad II Aluminum
- Paint is Tamiya semi-gloss black acrylic, shot through an airbrush

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