Lotus 25 - 1963 British Grand Prix Race Car
Jim Clark has always been one of my favourite race car drivers.  When I got back into the modelling hobby, I wanted to build a
number of cars that he raced.  Fortunately, Tamiya had released a very good version of his Lotus 25, which he raced to his first
Formula One championship in 1963.  

I also purchased a very good transkit from Thunder Valley Sports which consisted of:
- white metal replacements for the pedals, wheels steering wheel, roll bar, brakes, valve covers, mirrors, intake manifold, exhaust
pipes and oil pan
- turned aluminum injector trumpets
- brass mesh screen to cover the injectors

An excellent reference book for anyone wanting to model this kit is "Lotus 25 and 33" by John Tipler

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/20 scale Lotus 25 Coventry Climax (kit number 20044)

Finished:       September 2007

- markings match how the car appeared in the 1963 British Grand Prix, as seen in the photo below.
- brake lines, both metal and rubber added to all four calipers
- front brake calipers separated from mounts
- RB Motion working shocks front and back
- all instruments wired, Bare Metal foil rings and some have thin aluminum mouting brackets on the rear
- brake disks turned out of aluminum on metal lathe
- oil tank separated from body and mounting pieces modified, cap machined from aluminum
- additional coolant lines and fittings
- belt and pully replaced with toothed parts made using milling machine
- most suspension rod ends replaced with RB Motion pieces, links replaced with stainless steel tube and bolts made with Scale
Hardware stainless steel 0.0 mm and 1.0 mm bolts and nuts
- scratchbuilt brake and clutch pedals, linkages and master cylinders
- exhaust pipes replaced with 1.3 mm diameter solder wire
- modified fuel filler attachments and added machined aluminum fill cap
- RB Motion rubber spark plug boots added
- clear fishing line, used for fuel lines to injectors
- Thunder Valley exhaust pipes polished and scratchbuilt mounting brackets added
- Tamiya TS-32 Haze Gray used for interior of tub, Tamiya TS-9 British Green on bodywork, both straight from the can

MegaCity Madness 2007, Toronto, ON Sep 2007, 1st place Large Scale
Ajax XXVII, Ajax, ON Oct 2007, 1st place Large Scale
BUFFCON 25, Buffalo, NY Apr 2008, 2nd place Open Wheel Competition automobiles
TORCAN 2008, Toronto, ON, May 2008, 2nd place Large Scale Automobiles
HeritageCon 3, Hamilton, ON, Feb 2009, 1st place Open Wheel Competion automobiles

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