James Bond BMW Z3
This is the third in the collection of James Bond vehicles in 1:24/1:25.  This is the BMW Z3 which was featured in the James Bond
movie "Golden Eye" starring Pierce Brosnan.  The wheels from the Tamiya kit aren't exactly the same as the ones on the movie
car.  After I finished the model, I found a store on eBay (nekohobby) that sells resin versions of the exact wheels of the Bond car
made by FG Models out of South Korea. I ordered them and they fit perfectly.  They are painted Alclad Steel, which is maybe a bit
dark.  I couldn't find a body paint colour that matched very closely, so I mixed up my own.  Usually when I mix paint, I add a bit of
dark colour to the lighter colour.  I decanted some Tamiya Mica Silver and started adding Tamiya Metallic Blue, but the paint hardly
changed colour, no matter how much I added.  So I reversed the process and added a small amount of silver to the blue and the
colour change was more dramatic.  A little bit of Tamiya Pure White and I had the colour which looked pretty close to the movie car
colour (to my eye anyway).  The interior floor is flocked, but I probably should have painted it first in dark gray because the tan
shows through in places

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya BMW Z3  (kit number 24058)

Finished:        August 2012

- built pretty much out of the box
- custom printed license plate
- floor is flocked with dark gray
- body paint is a custom mix Tamiya Metallic Blue, some Mica Silver and a bit of Pure White, clearcoated, polished and waxed,
interior paint is Tamiya acrylic mix as per the instructions, followed by Testors clear flat, which actually has a bit of a sheen to it.

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