Honda CB1100R
I bought this model in Calgary in 2012 and started some bodywork preparation.  In 2014, the GPMG had a club challenge to finish
as many WIP (Work in Progress) kits that you had started and never finished.  This is the first in a number I hoped to  complete in

The kit was built out of the box, which I found very difficult, I kept wanting to:
- replace the control wires and brake lines with more in scale diameter ones with correct connectors
- replace the front fork with polished aluminum
- replace the axles and swing arm nuts and bolts with accurate hex head metal versions
- add additional details to bolt heads, etc.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya (kit number 14008)

Finished:        Feb 2014

- built out of the box
- some bodywork fasteners replaced with Scale Hardware 1 mm rivets
- red was painted on by photocopying decals, placing Tamiya masking tape over top, cutting out the red portion, removing the
masking tape and transferring to the model.  There were a few bleed through sections and misalignments of the masks.
- Alclad II aluminum and pale gold used for metallics
- Tamiya Pure White and Bright Red (with a touch of blue) used for bodywork
- aftermarket decal used for "Honda" on front fairing.

Heritagecon 8, Hamilton, ON March 2014, 2nd place Motorcycle

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 1024 x 768 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.  These photos were run through a photo editing program to sharpen the
image, which resulted in the orange peel becoming very prominent.

Layout showing most of the painted parts before final assembly
Evan Jones Motorcycle Models