Ford GT90 concept car
I have started building a collection of concept cars, of which this is the second to be finished.  This is probably my favourite - the  
Ford GT90, unveiled at the Jan 1995 Detroit Auto Show.  It has a quad turbocharged V-12 engine and some great design ideas.

Even though this is a snap kit, it is very well done and lends itself to upgrades, some of them have been added to this model. I've
seen online builders add the popup spoiler.  The doors and engine cover could be opened up as well.

Base Kit(s):   AMT Ford GT 90 "Rides Magazine Custom Collection" (kit number 38439)

Finished:        June 2017

- front radiator scoop opened up and floor and walls built of sheet styrene
- two fuel caps machined out of aluminum
- rear body openings replaced with black mesh screen
- exhaust pipes replaced with aluminum tubing
- interior paint is Tamiya acrylics to match the colour of the plastic
- detail painting of engine bay, including Molotow chrome 'paint'
- exterior paint Tamiya Pure White, Pearl White and clear

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 1024 x 768 and maybe a bit slow to load, depending on
your connection speed.  
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