Ford B190 Walter Wolf Formula One race car
What if . . . Walter Wolf decided to get back into Formula 1 racing in 1989.  He contacted Ford motor company and worked with
them to build a new race car for the 1990 season.  So instead of the Benetton B190, we have the Wolf B190.

The model is based on the Hasegawa kit of the Benetton Ford B190, with some extra detailing and painted in Walter Wolf signatue
dark blue and gold livery.

Base Kit(s):   1:24 scale Hasegawa Benetton Ford B190 (kit number 20340)

Finished:        October 2019

- coolant piping added with various diameter solder and includes shrink wrapping for hose joints
- engine mount brackets made with aluminum duct tape and Meng bolt heads
- face of radiator and oil coolers made with aftermarket photo etch sheet
- spark plug and other electrical wiring added
- various kit and aftermarket decals provide the Walter Wolf and sponsorship lettering and Wolf head logo
- paint is Tamiya TS-55 dark blue, TS-21 gold, decanted and airbrushed, followed by TS-13 clear

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