Flathead Rat Trike (1:25 scale)
The Model Cars Magazine had a contest in March 2007 to build a motorcycle trike using one of the old MPC trike kits that were re-
issued in 2005.  In addition, the Megacity Madness 2007 had a theme of "Flathead Fords".  I decided to build this model of a
flathead powered trike to cover both contests.  The inspiration for the design came from a feature in Model Cars where a number
of trike ideas were sketched out by Jairus Watson.  

I built it as a 'Rat Rod' so the paint finish is not glossy and a wash was added to add the griminess of the trike.

Base Kit(s):  Retro Hobby Tiki Trike (kit number 21511P)
         AMT '41 Ford Woody (engine) (kit number 30052)

Finished:     February 2007   

- Frame stretched out and brackets added to hold engine, seat and rear bed
- Modified intake to stick out sideways
- Rear differential, rear wheels and tires, radiator and brake disks from parts box
- Rear bed taken from AMT '25 Ford Roadster (kit number 31223), shortened, with balsa wood bottom and sides
- Gas Tank taken from Maisto Harley-Davidson diecast
- Scratchbuilt handlebars, hand grips, front fork springs, front wheel plates, brake and clutch pedals, linkages and hydraulic
cylinders, battery holder, floor boards, seat, rear view mirror, gear shift lever and display frame for rear bed
- Front wheel spokes replaced with wire
- Rebuilt exhaust flange with sheet styrene, exhaust pipe from styrene rod and muffler from aluminum tube
- Custom printed license plate and custom 'Ev's Delivery' decals
- Chain added to working rear tailgate
- Detail bolt heads from styrene hex rod and 0.5 mm (0.020”) brass rivets
- Box Art was scanned into computer, printed on photo paper, cut out and made into boxes for rear bed
- Added throttle cable, spark plug wires, brake lines, battery cables and other electrical wires
- Paint is some Alclad chrome (fork, rear wheels), a mixture of Tamiya blue and flat german grey (frame and rear bed), Tamiya red
on engine.

BUFFCON 24, Buffalo, NY, April 2007, 2nd place Motorcycles
Ajax XXVII, Ajax, ON Oct 2007, 1st place Motorcycle

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 800 x 600 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.

Inspiration came from this drawing by Jairus Watson in Model Cars Magazine.             My version

Some Construction photos, including sequence of replacing spokes on one wheel half