Ferrari Mythos
I bought this kit at the 2005 MegaCity Madness model contest and promised myself that I would finish it for the show in September
2006.  I painted it at the same time I was redoing the Ferrari 312T4 Formula 1 race car as they used the same paint.

I tried a different technique in polishing out the body on this model.  Instead of going through all the different grades of polishing
pads from 3600 to 12000, I wet sanded with 3600 to level out the surface, then used Novus 3, Novus 2 and Novus 1 liquids.  The
finish turned out excellent and it saved a lot of time.  What was also useful was the new Micro mesh polishing swabs, which were
great for some of the compound curves in the body.

The kit also came with some photoetched logos, rear view mirror and shifter gate.  I found these had to be glued on using clear
paint in order to stick properly.  (The instructions assume that they can be 'rubbed' on)

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/24 Ferrari Mythos (kit number 24104)     

Finished:        April 2006

- built out of the box
- graphite fiber decals used for some flat surfaces in the engine compartment
- Bare Metal Foil behind headlights and taillights
- engine paint is two types of Alclad aluminum
- semi-gloss black sprayed through an airbrush used for engine compartment, some engine parts and interior floor
- interior seats are flat red sprayed through an airbrush, followed by a semi-gloss acrylic clear
- body is Tamiya Italian Red, over Tamiya white primer, polished and waxed

BuffCON 23, Buffalo, NY April 2006, 1st place Out of Box Automobile
Ajax XXVII, Ajax, ON, Oct 2006, 2nd place Automobile Out of Box Non-competition
CapCON 2007, Ottawa, ON Sep 2007, 1st place Automobiles Out of the Box
MegaCity Madness 2007, Toronto, ON Sep 2007, 3rd place Out of Box - Non-Competition

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