Ferrari 312T4 Formula One race car
This model was done to depict the car raced by Canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve.  As this car was done quite a while ago, my
painting skills were not too good - dust specks and a rough finish.

In early 2006, I stripped off all the decals and paint.  I glued some sheer curtain material on the underside of the body to simulate
fiberglas.  The body was repainted with Tamiya white primer, Italian Red and Clear, then polished and waxed.  The car was
entered into the GPMA Formula One challenge build, with a deadline of March 31, 2006

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/12 scale  Ferrari 312T4 (kit number 12025)

Finished:        1985, refinished March 2006

Brake lines
Additional electrical wiring
Battery holder bracket and springs to hold exhaust pipes

Canadian National Model Car Contest, Toronto, 1986, 3rd place competition >1/24
BuffCON 23, Buffalo, NY April 2006, 1st place, Automobiles > 1/24 scale
Northstar Hobbies Model Contest, Mississauga ON, June 4, 2006, Gold Medal Automobile Racing
MegaCity Madness, Toronto, Sept 2006, 1st place Large Scale
Ajax XXVII, Ajax, ON, Oct 2006, 1st place Automobile Large Scale
Heritagecon, Hamilton, ON, Feb 2007, 1st place Automobile - Competition, Open Wheel

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