Dodge Charger Funny Car
I had this kit for a number of years, with the intent of putting it into a drag racing diorama.

Base Kit(s):        AMT 1/25 scale Nitro Charger

Finished:             November 2004

Slixx decals
Complete fuel, brake and oil plumbing and most electrical wiring
Bare metal foil on lower side panels of body
Modified front axle and front frame to reduce ungainly front suspension of kit
Tamiya Italian Red spray paint, shot through an air brush, polished out and waxed
Clear acetate windows

WellCOME 9 model contest, Guelph, Ontario, March 2005, honourable mention, closed wheel competition
BUFFCON 22 model contest, Buffalo, NY, April 2005, 2nd place automobile competiion - drag
CapCON 2005 Model Contest, Ottawa, ON Sept 2005, 3rd place, closed wheel competition
Ajax XXV model show, October 2005, 1st place, straight line competition car

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