Diamond Chopper
After a very long absence, a manufacturer (Revell-Monogram) has finally released a series of motorcycle chopper models.  There
is not a lot of detail, but the kits are very inexpensive and lend themselves to all kinds of customization.

This is my first build of one of these models, based on the Aces Wild kit and I thought I would go with a diamond motif on the bike,
with just a little extra detailing.

Base Kit(s):        Revell-Monogram 'Aces Wild' chopper (kit number 7315 )

Completed:        December 2006

Modified rear fender with diamond cutout
Added diamond shape to primary drive cover and air cleaner using sheet styrene
Details were sanded off the seat and then .25 mm (0.010") styrene rod was used for the piping and diamond shape
Oil lines, hydraulic brake lines, clutch and throttle cables all added
Spark plug wires and Replicas and Miniatures 90° spark plug boots added
Pushrods replaced with aluminum tubes
Gear shift rod and scratchbuilt Heim joints added to left side of engine
Custom printed "DIMND" Ontario motorcycle license plate added
Exhaust pipes and front forks were stripped of chrome, sanded smooth and rechromed using
Chrome Tech USA
Paint is Tamiya gloss aluminum, followed by Mica Red, then 5 coats of clear, polished and waxed

SuperShow Motorcycle Contest, Toronto, Jan 2007, Class Champion, Custom Street Motorcycles
MegaCity Madness 2007, Toronto, ON Sep 2007, 3rd place Motorcycle
Ajax XXVII, Ajax, ON Oct 2007, 2nd place Motorcycle

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 800 x 600 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.
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