Chevy Trike (1/24 scale)
The 2005 Megacity Madness Car Contest in Toronto had a theme build "50 years of Chevy small block".  I decided to build this
model of a V8 powered trike for this theme.  I built it as a fun idea over the summer and someday I may change some of the
- better foot rests, brake and gear shift levers
- better rear shocks
- fuel lines and additional electrical wiring
- a stronger and more realistic from steering system
- rear fenders and enclosure for the engine

Base Kit(s):   Maisto diecast Harley-Davidson
                 Monogram (?) Ferrari Testarossa
                 Revell '57 Chevy

Finished:       Sept 2005

- Maisto diecast Harley-Davidson provided the front wheel, forks, fender, gas tank and front frame, with an additional front brake
disk taken from another similar diecast
- The rear frame, suspension, transmission and fuel injection came from the Ferrari kit (a 'glue bomb' from a Toronto hobby shop)
- An old '57 Chevy provided the small block engine (again, a glue bomb)
- Wheels, tires, radiator, alternator, battery and other bits and pieces from my parts box.
- paint is Tamiya Mica Red over a silver base

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depending on your connection speed.
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