Bumblebee (New) - Camaro Concept Car
I was interested in all the vehicles in the Transformers movie that came out in the spring of 2007.  This is the first model of one of
the cars that I built, based on Bumblebee after transforming to the new Concept Camaro.  I think I got the correct California license
plate for the car, but it was really see clearly on the DVD.

Base Kit(s):   Revell Camaro Concept Car (kit number 1953)     

Finished:        March 2008

- built out of the box
- bare metal foil on some interior surfaces and brake rotors
- decals are from Keith Marks
- rear and side windows were sprayed Tamiya acrylic smoke to tint them
- wheels were stripped of chrome and painted Metalizer Aluminum
- paint is Testors new lacquer 'Inca Gold', with two coats of Testors lacquer

London Model Show, London, ON Oct 2008, 2nd place Out of Box
Ajax XXVIII Model Show, Ajax, ON Oct 2008, 2nd place Outo of Box Non-Competition Automobile

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