Bat Pod
Moebius models released this kit in late November 2011 and I ordered it from Cult TV right away and it came in time for
Christmas.  It was built during our Christmas break 12 hour build.  It's basically built out of box, with the addition of some wiring for
the hand controls.

Base Kit(s):   Moebius Models Dark Night Bat Pod (kit number 256)     

Finished:        Dec 2011

- drilled out rear brake disk ventilation holes
- added rear brake line
- added front brake, clutch, throttle and other wiring for hand controls
- front cannons drilled out
- replaced front steering shaft with stainless steel wire
- paint is Tamiya flat black acrylic, followed by Testors acrylic clear flat and Alclad II Aluminum

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depending on your connection speed.  
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