This was built during the 2010 24 hour Le Mans build at our club.  I wanted to do the 1980 BMW M1 car that placed 15th at the
1980 Le Mans race.  Studio 27 made a decal sheet for that helped with the markings.  There were a number of challenges with
both the Revell kit and the decals.  The body needed a lot of clean up and some modifications (below) due to the unique nature of
the Le Mans car as compared with other versions.  The Studio 27 decals show a red and black colour scheme in the front nose.  
However, the two photos I found agreed that the nose and front air dam were white.  The engine was assembled and placed in the
chassis, but the rear deck lid was glued closed so that the car is basically a  curbside.  Be very careful with the rear wing mounts
as the supports basically have no locating pins or joint with the rear bodywork.

Base Kit(s):   Revell Germany MW M1 ProCar     

Finished:        June 2010

- Studio 27 decals
- Filled in channel in fender flares as the Le Mans car ran with slightly larger flares with no seam
- Filled in two circular air scoops below front bumper
- Metal screen filled in lower from air (radiator) scoop
- Scale Productions photoetch set used for fuel fillers on both sides of rear windows
- Zero paints white and fluorescent (McLaren) red (a perfect match for the decal colours) used on body.

MegaCity Madness, Toronto, Sept 2010, 3rd place closed wheel competition.

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