1962 Ford Thunderbird
When I was a kid, some friends in our neighbourhood had this car and I distinctly remember the unusual door handles.  I originally
intended to complete this for the 2005 Megacity Madness contest, then for the the Ajax model show in October 2005 (for an animal
based car theme) and then for the 2006 Megacity Madness contest (but the Suzuki Katana Superbike took most of my time).  

I had problems with the paint and I believe that I actually stripped three paint jobs off the car, before finally get one to work.  The
first time was a dumb move on my part putting Tamiya clear lacquer over a Testors enamel (doh!).  The other two were due to the
fact that I couldn't get the paint to stay smooth as I was spraying with my airbrush.  I finally realized that the paint was drying into
little balls and pits because it was drying too soon and I was recoating too early.  The final paint was Tamiya Bright Red, followed
up with Tamiya clear, both straight from the can.

The second problem that I had was that the body wouldn't go down on the chassis properly in the front.  I had to thin the
dashboard so that the door panels could be leaned inwards a bit and would fit inside the interior opening.  I eventually used 00-90
hex head screws and nuts to bolt the body to the frame, near the front of the engine.

I've seen a lot of cars at shows and contests where throttle return springs have been added.  My one complaint is that many of
these springs are too large to be in scale.  The springs should barely seen by the naked eye and should be made of extremely
thin gauge wire and wrapped around either a #80 drill bit or some 30 gauge wire.  The wire I used is about 43 gauge, or 0.09 mm
(0.0035") in diameter

Base Kit(s):   AMT 1962 Thunderbird     

Finished:        October 2006

- opened up door handles underneath the chrome trim
- Model Car Garage photoetch set (very nice, although it didn't come with windshield wipers)
- front wheels were made poseable
- scratchbuilt floor mats with thunderbird logo
- door locks added
- heater and air conditioning hoses and joints added
- spark plug, alternator and battery electrical wiring added
- fuel wiring, throttle linkages and throttle return springs added
- Bare Metal Foil on body chrome trim

Ajax XXVII, Ajax, ON, Oct 2006, 2nd place Automobile Domestic Stock (North America)
Heritagecon, Hamilton, ON, Feb 2007, 1st place Automobile Domestic Stock
BUFFCON 24, Buffalo, NY, April 2007, 1st place Automobile Domestic Stock
Kingston Modelrama, Kingston, ON, April 1007, 3rd place Domestic Stock
CapCON 2007, Ottawa, ON Sep 2007, 1st place Automobiles Replica Stock
MegaCity Madness 2007, Toronto, ON Sep 2007, 2nd place Domestic Stock

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