1988 Yamaha YZR500 (OW98)
This is the first bike from Hasegawa that I have built.  It is a very well engineered kit that was a pleasure to build.  Hasegawa has
also done something that I wish Tamiya would do with their kits. The the wheels, swingarm and front forks use small screws for
assembly, however, the head of the screw is covered over with a styrene piece that depicts the proper hex bolt head or nut.  A real
improvement over the exposed Phillips screw heads on other kits.

Base Kit(s):   Hasegawa Yamaha YZR500 (OW98) "1988 WGP500 Champion" (kit number BK3)     

Finished:        Aug 2017

- Hasegawa brake disk photoetch set
- Top Studio metal fork set (non-inverted)
- Top Studio throttle cable
- Tabu Design ‘Marlboro’ decals
- replacement of bolt heads on bodywork with metal slot screws and rivets
- paint is Zero paints for bodywork, Alclad lacquers for metal finishes

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