Yamaha YZR500 GP Motorcycle (updated)
This model has quite a history.  As noted below, it was one of the first models that I built, and the first motorcycle model that
Tamiya produced.  I noticed sometime in 2014 that the windshield had cracked somehow over the years.  I immediately thought of
one of my favourite eBay sellers, passion-132.  This is a fellow in Belgium who often sells single sprues from various Tamiya kits.  
Luckily, he has the clear sprue from this kit and I ordered it.

Just as I was going to glue on the new windshield, I noticed how bad the original paint was on the model (the black was brush
painted) and that many of the decals had cracked.  I went back to eBay and ordered the set of decals for the kit from the same
eBay seller passion-132.

I stripped the paint and re-painted all the bodywork.  I used the decals as a mask to paint most if the black underside of the fairing,
as I knew the decals were difficult to cover all the contours.   When I went to put on the decals, I found that they had dried out over
the years and even with a clear coat cover, they weren't usable.  I scanned the decals and spent many hours cleaning up the
images, in hopes of printing them myself on a colour laser printer.  However, after three tries, I couldn't get a good set of decals.  
During this time, I kept looking for the re-released kit, with Cartograph decals.  But I was never able to find one at a price I was
willing to pay.  Finally, a friend of mine came across a fairly new release of the kit with the rider figure (kit number 14026) and the
decals from this kit were used to finally re-do the model.

This was the first Tamiya kit that I ever built and I'd like to think my modelling skills have improved since that time.  Some of the
decals have started to crack over time.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/12 scale 14001 Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix Motorcycle     

Finished:        Early 1980's (re-done July 2015)        

additional wiring for throttle control system, cockpit instruments and temperature sensor
working rear suspension
simulated welds on exhaust pipes by using white glue
exhaust pipe expansion springs added
fairing is removable (front wheel must come off first)
paint is probably Testor's yellow and black spray paint from a can

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