'Virugrat' Yamaha Viragor rat bike
The 2012 Kingston Modelrama show had a Cat (Cougars, Jaguars, etc.) and Rat Rod theme.  While looking on the Internet for
ideas, I came across a Virago rat bike.  It looked like a natural for the theme.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Yamaha Virago (kit number 14052)     

Finished:        Apr 2012

- scratchbuilt exhaust system from solder and aluminum tube
- scratchbuilt gas tank from sheet styrene
- scratchbuilt seat from sheet styrene base and Milliput
- scratchbuilt handlebars from brass rod
- front fender and one front brake disk removed
- front fork tubes made from polished aluminum rod
- removed centerstand and various body pieces
- shortened rear fender and added aluminum foil reflector behind taillight
- added exterior oil lines on engine
- rear brake rod replaced with stainless steel wire
- front and rear axles replaced with threaded aluminum rod and brass nuts and washers
- added mounting bracket for starter motor
- throttle cables, brake lines, clutch cable all replaced with aftermarket or scratchbuilt connectors, wires and tubing
- custom printed license plate
- paint on frame, bodywork and wheels and is Tamiya acrylic flat black
- some engine and suspension pieces were painted Alclad aluminum and then the black paint was chipped off while drying
- paint on seat is Tamiya semi-gloss black acrylic
- Alclad steel on exhaust, polished aluminum on front brake disk

Kingston Modelrama, Kingston, ON, May 2012 - 1st place motorcycles
Toronto Model Show, Toronto, ON, Sep 2012 - 1st place motorcycles

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Before weathering

Some photos during construction