Yamaha Salient scooter
This model was built during the 11th annual 24 hour build in January 2017.  It was a pretty simple build, although the kit isn't the
- there are no clear parts for any of the lights or front windscreen, there are just chrome plated parts that can be painted with clear
orange and red
- the left side of the front fork was a 'short shot' of styrene. Didn't notice until final assembly. There are scooter models with single
sided forks, so this could have been the design.
- the body/frame joint where the floorboard meets the front frame is a very weak joint. Epoxy was used to join the two parts.

Base Kit(s):   Imai Yamaha Salient scooter (kit number B-2302)     

Finished:        Feb 2015

- out of the box
- Bare Metal Foil for badges, seat trim and lower bodywork and front fender
- paint is Tamiya semi-gloss black acrylic and Tamiya bright red lacquer on the bodywork

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