Yamaha RZ50
This model was my choice for the 2010 12 hour build that our club does each February.  it was not a good choice for a 12 hour
build.  There were a number of fit problems - engine wouldn't fit in the frame, exhaust pipe would not seat in the cylinder head, the
right footpeg hits the muffler, etc.  Even though the kit did look okay in the box, it was a struggle to get it together.  I wasn't able to
finish the decals, turn signals and wiring until after the 12 hour build deadline.

Base Kit(s):        Aoshima Yamaha RZ50 (kit number 39687)

Completed:        February 2010

- front of exhaust pipe rebuilt with styrene sheet
- bare metal foil behind turn signals
- axles replaced with 00-90 stainless steel bolts and nuts
- Paint is Tamiya Pure white (from the can) Tamiya acrylics for other parts.

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