Yamaha Beluga - Pink
During the 2015 Motorcycle Show, we had displayed a 1:24 scale pink diecast motor scooter.  It has such a wide amount of
interest that I decided that we needed at least one pink coloured motorcycle model at next year's show.  I had a Yamaha Beluga
model that I hadn't quite decided what to do with - it made a perfect candidate for a pink paint scheme.  This model was built over
the family day weekend in 2015 and is mostly out of the box.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Yamaha Beluga 80 (kit number 14005)     

Finished:        Feb 2015

- built pretty much out of the box
- Top Studio throttle cable added
- speedometer cable added to front wheel, which routes through a cable guide made of bent wire
- bent air valves added to both wheels
- Bare Metal Foil behind lights, on front logo, on storage lock and along bottom of rear bodywork
- paint is Tamiya pink lacquer, airbrushed, followed by two coats of clear, from the can
- Tamiya semi-gloss black acrylic and Alclad II aluminum metallic paint on other parts, all airbrushed
- seat had pastel shading and then Tamiya clear flat on top

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