'Top Gun' Kawasaki Ninja GPz 900
This model was built for an "Entertainment" theme at the 2015 Toronto Model Car Show.  When the movie 'Top Gun' was released
in 1986, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, there was a bit part for a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.  There is an interesting story
about the two bikes that were used in the movie as they were both 900cc GPz bikes that did not have any Kawasaki badging and
were painted to look like 750cc models.

There is a fantastic website dedicated to this bike, the history and replica bikes that have been built.  It is maintained by Mik
Anderson and it can be found at

The tricky part of this build was getting the two tone paint.  The kit comes with decals to do the red bodywork ith white stripes.  I
figured that this would be very frustrating, especially around the front fairing.  The decals were photocopied, from which painting
masks were made.  These were used to mask the red painted bodywork before the final black was airbrushed.  The white stripes
were carefully cut out of the decal sheet.

The model was weathered with an off white wash and some brown airbrushed 'road dirt'.  I just can't see a guy like Maverick
spending hours polishing his bike.

Base Kit(s):   Aoshima Top Gun GPZ900R Ninja (kit number 04729)

Finished:        September 2015

- mostly out of the box
- custom printed license plate based on movie
- Tamiya Bright Red and Black decanted lacquers for bodywork, Alclad for metallics

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