Star Wars TIE Predator
This variant of the TIE family of spacecraft never appeared in any of the movies, only in some Star Wars comic books.  A detailed
description can be found at
Star Wars Wikia.

I got this kit from Scale Solutions, an Australian company that produces resin kits of (mostly) Star Wars subjects.  This kit only
consisted of three main parts - two wings and the main body.  The resin casting was exceptional - a dense but workable resin, with
no pinholes and some wire reinforcements in some areas.  However, I found some problems with the kit.  The casting picked up all
the detail of the original master and unfortunately the master had some very rough sections - the panel lines were not well done
and many of the joints were not finished very well.  The biggest problem was that both wings were cast with a two part mold and the
molds did not line up exactly.  This lead to a very noticeable stepped seam all around the outer edge.  In order to hide this I
decided to machine a groove on each edge of the wing and fill in with a three piece, stepped edging.  That's when I found the third
problem with this kit, in that one of the wings was warped and the groove kind of wandered a bit.

Base Kit(s):        1/72 scale Scale Solutions TIE Predator

Finished:            May 2011

- milled a groove on upper and lower edge of wings and filled with three styrene strips
- added 'greeblie bits' to rear of body for mechanical pieces to operate the wings.
- routed out the front of pod to give the semblance of an interior
- added front window, panel and interior pieces from a Fine Molds TIE Fighter
- modified a Fine Molds TIE Fighter stand to mount the model
- Tamiya XF-66 Light Gray was thinned and shot through an airbrush.  
- some XF-53 was brush painted for smaller details
- the solar panels are Tamiya X-18 semi-gloss black, decanted and shot through an airbrush
- black wash was added to bring out the details

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