Suzuki RM250
This model was built as an extra display for the 2006 Toronto Motorcycle SuperShow.  I realized that I didn't have a dirt bike in my
collection of built bikes.  I had purchased this Academy kit along with a few others from a Korean eBay vendor. The detail and
manufacturing is just a notch below Tamiya.  I experimented with this model in that I spay painted nearly every part, even the
smaller ones.  Although a bit more time consuming, the results were very good.  It just takes a bit of organization to get all the parts
of the same colour together to paint just once.

Base Kit(s):   Academy 1:12 Suzuki RM250     

Finished:       December 2005

- wiring and cables replaced with thinner, more realistic versions (throttle, clutch and brake cables)
- fuel line is clear tube, overflow fuel and coolant lines are clear fishing line
- wheel axles, rear suspension linkages and steering head screws replaced with hex head 0-80 nuts and bolts
- replaced rear brake rod with scratchbuilt version (aluminum rod, aluminum plate, spring and plastruct nut)
- rear shock disassembled and shaft replaced with aluminum rod
- kickstand return spring and rear of swing arm filled in square styrene rod
- muffler and exhaust pipes had styrene strip joints and white glue welding seams added
- replaced molded in mesh on radiator shroud body piece with actual aluminum mesh
- radiator hose clamps from bare metal foil and aluminum rod
- paint is mostly Tamiya acrylics sprayed through and airbrush.  Body parts are Tamiya Camel Yellow sprayed directly from the can

Supershow Motorcycle Contest, Toronto, Jan 2006, 1st place Off Road Motorcycles.

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                    <--------- Rear Brake arm -------------->                Muffler                         Swingarm
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