Suzuki RG500 GP motorcycle
I had this model for a number of years and had never really gotten started on it.  Our club had a Matchbox kit build challenge.  The idea was to take any
original Matchbox kit and build it out of the box, starting in October and finishing by Jan 1, 2006.  The models will be displayed at the annual contest that
our club hold in March, 2006.  Although the box says 1/12 scale, it appears to be more like 1/10 scale, when compared with other GP models that I have.

The biggest challenge was to get the 20 year old decals to come off the backing sheet without tearing.  The second biggest challenge in this build was
all the masking necessary to do the red stripe.  After painting the white base, the technique I used was the following:
- photocopy the decal sheet using a colour printer
- apply double-sided carpet tape to the back of the sheet
- cut out the stripes and the number masking parts
- remove the backing from the double-sided tape, apply to body pieces, mask the rest of the part and spray

Base Kit(s):   Matchbox 1/12 RG500 (PK-701)

Finished:       December 2005

- built out of the box
- the yellow behind all the numbers was masked and painted with a combination of Tamiya Pure White and Camel Yellow, through an airbrush
- chrome was stripped off all chrome pieces using bleach and Easy-Off oven cleaner
- the body and fairing was painted with Tamiya pure white, masked for the red stripe and yellow number background, decals applied, Tamiya clear,
then  some sections were polished out and waxed
- wheels were painted with Tamiya Titanium Gold, sprayed through my airbrush

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 800 x 600 and should load reasonably quickly, depending on your connection speed.